Paris Secrets Revealed 2016: Montmartre and the Marche des Puces (Flea Market)

J – The denizens of Montmartre are always celebrating something …

like Le Fete des Vendanges (Harvest Festival), for example. In October, a week-long festival celebrates, basically, the grape harvest in Le Montmartre. Yes, Montmartre has vineyards and makes wine. It’s a big deal here.

A whole week. Galas. Parties. Art. Concerts. Educational exhibits.Vineyard tours and wine tastings.

And, of course, The Parade.

A four hour parade !

Then, the Marche des Puces (Flea Market) the next Sunday …

About ten blocks of vendor tents with all kinds of cool stuff. Unfortunately, no room in my suitcase for some great bargains.

A violin.

Antique theatrical lighting fixtures.

And, as usual after every event, the streets are cleaned. Ah, Paris.