Being Human Now

We are on a quest for balance of flavor in the food we cook and eat. Sometimes we find it. Sometimes not. We’ll share our adventures. We hope you enjoy.

Here are a few of our latest recipes.



Avocado Week: Avocado Ice Cream

C – Maybe the second try at making this ice cream will work better than the first. My first attempt turned out hard-as-a-rock. Sadly, I was really excited with the first test. It tasted wonderful. The color was awesome. But, … Read More...



Avocado Week: Avocado Chicken Salad Pita

C – If you don’t know, I complain a lot about dry chicken here. One of my biggest griefs at Be Mindful. Be Human. is what to do with dry, left-over chicken breast. If we don’t use it in the … Read More...



Avocado Week: Avocado Chicken Wrap

C – I can never figure out where to put the dressing in a spinach wrap. Do you put it on the wrapper or on top of all the vegetables and meat? I got these confused looks one time when … Read More...



Avocado Week: Avocado Ranch Dressing

C – Avocado in everything! Lately, I have been noticing there’s avocado in everything. Is it because I live in California? California style? Who knows. But, I’m happy. I love avocados. I have been seeing more avocado in ranch dressing, … Read More...



Avocado Week: Avocado Ginger Smoothie

C – I feel deprived. I haven’t had an avocado smoothie in a while. I love avocados in my smoothies. I just haven’t had any good avocados to use lately. Every time I buy avocados at the grocery store, they … Read More...