Being Human Now

We are on a quest for balance of flavor in the food we cook and eat. Sometimes we find it. Sometimes not. We’ll share our adventures. We hope you enjoy.

Here are a few of our latest recipes.



Summer on the Farm Week: Duck Wing Confit with Peppers Pizza

C – Azolla Farm has a crazy amount of peppers! They really love growing different varieties. Stuff I have never heard of before and you probably can’t find. I really wish they could sell their peppers in the retail market, … Read More...



Summer on the Farm Week: Beet Greens Dip

C – Azolla Farm is definitely an organic farm. I couldn’t believe that I could pick anything and taste it right then and there. No washing required. No slime from pesticides or worrying about crazy things on or in their … Read More...



Summer on the Farm Week: Fry Peppers with Sriracha Mayonnaise

C – I am always learning new things when I go see Scrivner at Azolla Farm. He and his girlfriend really love to research new plants and the best practices to growing them. This year they went all out on … Read More...



Summer on the Farm Week: Vegetarian Pizza

C – Vegetarians can be really creative when it comes to creating their own menus. I was hanging out with a vegetarian for dinner. I couldn’t find anything vegetarian on the menu. The pizza was full of meat. There was … Read More...



Summer on the Farm Week: Hawaiian Ono with Azolla Farm Produce and Fregola

J – “Come on up and see what we have.” We were asking for ingredients from Azolla Farm for a summer-farm week. What an honor! Scrive is arguable the best chef-oriented farmer around here. Taking risks. Trying new stuff. Organic. … Read More...