Holiday Drinks Week: Simple Homemade Hot Chocolate

C – Good hot chocolate doesn’t come in powdered form.

I didn’t know this until a few years ago. I always thought hot chocolate came from small individual serving-sized packets. Now, I know better.

I didn’t know how easy it was to make hot chocolate. It’s just milk, half and half and real chocolate. It make the most luxurious hot chocolate you can imagine.

Of course, use a good quality chocolate to make the best hot chocolate. I use chocolate chips because they’re affordable and easy to find.

There is also less fuss to using chocolate chips, because you don’t have to chop the chocolate like you do when you use chocolate chunks.

Holiday Drinks Week: Simple Homemade Hot Chocolate
Recipe type: Drinks
Prep time: 2 mins
Cook time: 10 mins
Total time: 12 mins
Serves: 2 to 3
  • 2 cups milk
  • ⅔ cup half and half
  • 4 oz dark chocolate chips or chunks
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Powdered dark chocolate for a garnish
  1. Place the milk and half and half into a medium pot. Heat on medium high until bubbles start to form at the edges.
  2. Reduce heat to simmer and add salt and chocolate. Whisk and combine as chocolate melts and liquid is heated through. DO NOT BOIL
  3. Turn off heat and add vanilla extract. Stir well.
  4. Serve immediately in mugs with a dusting of powdered chocolate.
  5. Enjoy!


I am not a big fan of using powdered chocolate, because it can cause clumping if not mixed in really well.

Try making this easy hot chocolate recipe. You might not go back to the powder packs ever again.