Thanksgiving Gratitude

C – Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It’s a day when you get off work, cook lots of food, eat too much and are together with the ones you love. The part of this holiday I love the most is being grateful for what you have.

At Be Mindful. Be Human. we are very grateful for many things. Here are some of the things we are grateful for:

Jim – I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful for all my experiences. Even more now, I understand just how deeply and fully we are all connected. I am grateful for my new and old friends, both here and gone. Being part of creating Be Mindful. Be Human., now an extended creative family, has been humbling and truly rewarding. I feel my desire for a mindful experience of food can help change lives for the better. Time to eat!

Luke – I am thankful for a day off to be with good friends and family; to be able to eat good food, drink good wine and beer, and just wish it would rain more for the ducks!

Jessica – I too am thankful for a day off! I’m also thankful for friends and family; to have a husband who loves me just as much as I love him; to have a good job (especially in times like this!); to have a warm, comfortable home to live in and all of the support around me. And, food, of course.

Chris – I am grateful for my family and for the friends I’ve made here. The success of “moving away” and doing my own thing. The abundance and variety of food here is awesome!

Christina – I am grateful for the abundance in food, family and friends. I am overjoyed by the bounty we have in nourishment, happiness and love. I am thankful for the wonderful experiences we have had at Be Mindful. Be Human. … and all the talent I have been able to experience working with these great people. It is so inspiring learning new techniques and having fun doing it.

We are most grateful for everyone following this blog joining us at Be Mindful. Be Human. We are truly honored you could visit us on this day.


Happy Thanksgiving. Cheers!