Paris Secrets Revealed 2016: Gotta Have a Caviste (Wine Shop) and a Fromagerie (Cheese Shop)

J – I have some minimum requirements …

when I am staying in Paris for any length of time longer than a day. They are: great, affordable French wine, amazing … mostly stinky … French cheese and a baguette “traditionelle.” (You ask for “un tradition”) In Le Montmartre, having all these things within a short walk is quite possible … with a small amount of research.

This post is about the first two. Baguettes are a subject all their own, saved for tomorrow’s post.

First, your caviste …

Wine shops and their proprietors are called “cavistes” … a wine cellar is a cave, after all. There are thousands in Paris!

On “my” street, rue Caulaincourt, Phillippe Labiche is the caviste at a Nicolas shop (79 rue Caulaincourt).

Nicolas was started in 1822 and has 494 locations throughout France … nice buying power. You can’t find a Petrus there. But, you will find a very nice selection from all over France, priced from 5EU up to over 150EU.

Phillippe is very knowledgeable … I never ran out of choices.

Second, your fromagerie …

Cheese shops abound as well in Paris. Chez Virginie is special, in my humble opinion.

Chez Virginie was founded in 1946 by Virginia’s father. It is a truly family operation, with just two locations. Fortunately, one is on rue Caulaincourt just three blocks away from the appartment.

These are not your standard, packages cheeses. They have a huge variety and make lots of them themselves. Daily specials are listed on a chalk board outside the front door. They also have wine/cheese tastings frequently.

I bought a new cheese everyday … sometimes two … each perfectly delicious.

Now, I just needed a baguette!