Paris 2014: Le Canal Saint Martin, Newly Upscale and Beautiful

J – Napoleon I and III had no idea what they created when the canal was built long ago.

The original purpose was to facilitate boat/barge transportation of food and wine to the Palais Royale. Today, Le Canal Saint Martin is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Paris. For “Amelie” fans, all the romantic scenes where shot here.

Situated East of Gare d”Est and Gare du Nord and West of Belleville, Le Canal runs from Republic to the Boulevard Peripherique (a highway that rings greater Paris).

It is a quite beautiful neighborhood that continues to be updated. That said, graffiti is abundant on many side streets. Nice touch. Think Brooklyn.

Jacob, my friendly and knowledgeable chauffeur, allowed that the most expensive apartments are now around Le Canal Saint Martin.

Somehow, I got the notion that canal-side parties around “food-truck” barges were regular events. I found no evidence at all.

I did see a bunch of barges making slow and scenic progress through the locks. One had some people having an impromptu picnic … not really a party. When I return, I will definitely spend more time here.

All of a sudden, my return flight was the next morning … not nearly enough time.

Paris is a never-ending story for me. A last glass of wine with new friends. Bonne voyage! A bientot! Yep, that’s right. I will see you very soon!