Gone To Paris Week: A Random Favorite Restaurant

Update and Redux: J – Everyone has, and probably needs, a favorite restaurant. Especially, when you’re in Paris for several days. This restaurant was my beachhead. Near the apartment. Near the Metro. Served until midnight. Friendly staff with really good food. Pretty much all locals eating there. Couldn’t ask for much more. Let’s see what I find this year.

J – There’s nothing like a favorite restaurant.

Especially in Paris. You just feel comfortable. They get to know you. Service seems better. I ate at several random restaurants in Paris. This one, Chez Ginette, became my favorite. It was close. The food was incredible. They wanted you to have a good time.

As I’ve said before, how can you not return?

The only real downside, if there is one, about such experiences is that you have to stay in Paris for a really long time to experience many different restaurants. Uh … maybe there’s no downside.

Chez Ginette is on Rue Caulaincourt at the top of the stairs leading down to the Lamark/Calaincourt Metro stop. There are about two dozen tables outside, almost all facing the streets. You can also sit inside, but why would you … even in the rain. It’s covered and there are heaters.

They also have Les [stair-shaped arrow] de Ginette, a nightclub “en basse” [down below]. Lighting is all blue and you can get large drinks. The music is loud. People seem to talk a lot. They are French locals.

The restaurant menu is just large enough that you have several choices, but are not overwhelmed. You could not get through it in a week … but, I tried!

Foie Gras Ravoli, Entrecote with Potatoes, Gravlax Salad, Seared Salmon with Asian Sauce, Burger with Foie Gras, Grilled Chevre Salad with Eggplant and Smoked Ham. All really good.

Then, there was that dessert that just appeared at my table, unannounced. The lady I was talking to got one as well. Those French!

Alas, I must leave. But, I’m not done with the menu, so I will be returning!