Chicago Week 2016: Serious Breakfast/Brunch Eats

J – “There is no calorie limit for brunch here.”

So I was told by my Uber driver as I headed back to the airport for my flight home. And he should know. His family dates back to Prohibition days … with some very colorful great uncles. He was very chatty.

Travelling to Chicago was a bit random. I was meeting with the Art Institute of Chicago about an exhibition showcasing my grandfather legacy as a curator. Wanted to meet up with an old friend and, maybe, a potential new friend. I also wanted to eat at one of Rick Bayless’s restaurants. Didn’t matter which one.

But, first, I needed breakfast or brunch everyday. Clueless, I asked my charming AirBnB hostess, Rita, to clue me in. She was a wealth of information … more than I could possibly act on.

Here’s a sampling. Different levels and styles. One thing in common … lots of food!

Flying Saucer

A three-egg omlette actually has four eggs. Cash only. Not great.

Bite Cafe

Small and eclectic. Friendly. Fabulous braised pork hash. Great coffee.


Popular. Slow service. Big plate. Good food. BYOB … odd Chicago law about being near a church.


Trendy loft in Near North. Packed. Friendly staff. Huge skillet. Stuffed!